How to Write a Business Analyst CV

To create a business analyst CV, you should have an understanding of basic CV formats: chronological and functional. The format you follow depends on whether you have many years of experience or have gaps in work history or switching career. You can find useful instructions on how to write a business analyst CV here.


  • Specify your contact details at the top of your CV. Both functional and chronological CV formats have the same beginning. These two formats differ based on generic skills and career history. It is necessary to include contact information, career objective, work experience and education section in every CV, regardless of your experience or career field.
  • In your personal statement, you should write what is your objective or the position that you seek. Be sure that the job title you are applying to is “Business Analyst”, by going through the job description. Your statement should be clear and specific. Avoid using unnecessary exaggerating words or phrases to make an impression. It could do more harm than good to your career. Personal statement should be an honest description about you and your qualities. Specify what makes you the right candidate for the job role of business analyst.
  • Decide whether to use functional or chronological format for the other sections. Chronological section should be used in case you have five or more years of business analyst experience. Functional format is used when you have less experience or if there are huge gaps in work history.
  • In chronological format, specify the organization where you worked, job title and the duration of your work. Include your job responsibilities and accomplishments. You may categorize your achievements into subsections like “Product Launch”, “QA/QC”, “Web Development”, “Budgeting”, etc. Don’t go beyond ten years when specifying your work related accomplishments.
  • In functional format, specify the skills that you gained from your academics or from other jobs, which may bear resemblance to business analyst related skills. Your employer might be interested in this section to know, if you are suitable for the role of a business analyst.

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