How to Write a Business CV

Curriculum Vitae in Latin translates to “course of life”. It outlines an individual’s academic and professional history, along with other qualities. You should know how to write a business CV to make the right impression on your prospective employer. A well drafted business CV can increase the chances of grabbing that dream opportunity.


  • Start your business CV with the career objective. Demonstrate what skills and qualities you possess and what position you seek in the business field. Specify what makes you the right person for the business position. Also, include the details of your contact, as part of the header.
  • Include only the relevant details and be concise. When specifying about your prizes and accolades, it is better to include only those that are related to the business field. It is important to stand out from the rest, but ensure that you stand out in the right, meaningful way.
  • For demonstrating your experience and achievements in business arena, make use of action words and bullet lists. Provide appropriate support for your statements, rather than just stating them. Explain the circumstances, where you proved your talent. Specify more information about your recent roles.
  • Tailor your CV according to the particular business position you are applying for. Find out what are the specific business requirements and specify your experience, congruous to those requirements.
  • Specify your hobbies and interests in the personal profile section. Mention any extracurricular activities undertaken by you. These may provide useful information for analyzing your business related skills, to the employer.
  • Always tell truth in your CV. Altering the facts or stretching things even a little to present yourself good in every way, can land you in serious consequences, sooner or later.
  • Check for spelling and grammar. Make sure that the format and content is correct, before submitting your CV.

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