How to Write a CV for Administration Job

Your CV for an administrative position must demonstrate that you are a highly skilled, reliable and an exceptional individual. Your CV and cover letter should stand out in content, neatness, organization and accuracy. You should know how to write a CV for administration job, for producing a professional and a quality document, which will impress the prospective employer.


  • Specify your name and contact details in bold letters, at the top of your CV. Provide your telephone number, Email ID and mailing residential address.
  • Demonstrate throughout your CV that you possess succinct and clear writing skills, which are sought by most employers, when hiring for an administration job.
  • You can make use of keyword muscle, to make your CV easy to be found online by the employers. You need to ensure that the keywords used, should be directly applicable to you. Powerful keywords may include different job titles applicable to you, such as executive assistant, office manager or receptionist.
  • Your career objective should clearly state about the position you want to work and it should be related to the job description of the company you are applying to.
  • Use effective action words like “managed,” “organized” and “supervised,” under the “Professional Experience” section, when you are mentioning about your previous job positions. Specify the job tile, employer’s name and the duration of work for each employment.
  • Create a section titled “Computer and Equipment Skills” if applicable to you, listing the software application programs and the hardware you’ve used in your earlier job roles. Specify any special skills you possess such as presentation layout and desktop publishing.
  • Under “Education” section, specify your educational qualifications including diplomas, degrees and any related courses undertaken.
  • Specify your hobbies and interests under the “Personal Interest” section. This part is also required by employers to relate your interests with the job role.
  • Provide one or two references of your former employers at the end of your CV, including their job title and contact details.

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