How to Write a CV for an Accounting Assistant

An accounting assistant may need a curriculum vitae for providing a news article’s biographical material, submitting information about a service reward or for supplying the necessary information for employment application. Here are the instructions on how to write a CV for an accounting assistant, which will be helpful when you are applying for jobs.


  • You can type your CV in any word processing document. Start with typing “Curriculum Vitae” as the first sentence, at the top center of the page. Just below the heading, towards the upper left, type your name, contact number, Email ID and address details.
  • Type “ Work Experience” in bold, to create your career history section on the CV. Specify your work experience in reverse order, starting with the most recent, to the oldest job held by you. Mention about your job role, the organizations where you worked and the employment dates. Highlight the information about accounting related work or any other related fields. Provide the names of your previous supervisors and try to give as many details as possible in the CV.
  • Create a section as “Qualifications” in your CV. Focus on your skill set and any training that you received earlier. Specify any particular job responsibilities held by you or new skills acquired, during your earlier employment. You can include about the training courses which you have taken.
  • Under the “Education” section, list your education details in the same order as you followed for work experience. Specify any special course taken in accounting and math. Mention any noteworthy awards or accolades that you earned during your learning years.
  • Create a section titled “Honors and Associations” below education section. Here you can mention any honors that you received, as a member from any of your clubs. You can list the different clubs and associations, even if you do not have any awards.
  • Proofread your CV for any typographical mistakes, before sending it.

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