How to Write a CV for IT

A CV presents an overview of an individual’s academic history, career summary and personal details. An effectively written CV at least ensures that you get an interview call. What you put in your CV can make a whole lot of difference in either making or breaking your career path. When you are applying for a position in the IT field, you should make sure that your CV is written professionally, providing all the necessary information. Here we specify some tips on how to write a CV for IT professionals.


There is a very stiff competition in the IT industry, so you need to be careful and put in some effort to come out with a well written CV.


Maintain certain standardization in your document. Use a standard print pattern and take the printout on an A4 size paper. Standardization helps in creating a good impression on the readers.


It is often recommended to use a standard format, as it provides convenience for the readers to go through it swiftly, when short listing the CVs. It also impresses them at the same time. You can use your creativity within the format and content of your CV.


Give a brief description about yourself. Specify the qualities and details that relate to the position you are applying for. This section will be helpful, as it provides information for the employers to assess your capabilities for the job role.

Use Facts

When writing about your work experience, specify what work you have handled earlier and what the outcome was. For that use measurable items such as revenue growth, press quotes, distinctions or awards, instead of simply using subjective description.

Highlight Important Details

Specify your skills and your strong points. Include any recognitions or awards received in your academics or work. Mention any presentations delivered in important events. List the details of your mini and main projects.

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