How to Write a CV for Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician spends much time in ordering and filling medication prescriptions. Most pharmacy technicians prefer to work in retail settings. You can find most openings for pharmacy technician jobs in retail pharmacies. We provide some instruction on how to write a CV for pharmacy technician role.


  • Write your name in easy-to-read font style such as Times New Roman or Arial at the top center of the document. Below your name, specify your contact details, including your residential address, Email ID and phone number. Avoid typing in a font size, less than 10.
  • Create different sections in your CV, with titles in bold letters, placed on the page’s left-hand side. Avoid underlining the sub-headings and use a slightly bigger font size than the following content instead.
  • Write your career objective, describing your capabilities and what you want to accomplish as a pharmacy assistant. For example, you can specify your objective as gaining experience in the field of pharmaceuticals.
  • Describe about the qualities you possess. Highlight your skills relevant to pharmacy technician job. Provide information regarding the knowledge you have about medications and their composition and about your communication skills as well.
  • Provide the details of your work history in another section. Specify your job responsibilities and the experience you gained. Describe using examples from your previous work, related to pharmacy.
  • You should provide references towards the end of your CV. Specify the name of the reference, pharmacy name, the number of years worked for each employment and the contact numbers of the references.
  • Proofread your CV for content and flow. Pharmacy technicians are expected to be highly detail oriented, so you should make sure that your CV is flawless.

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