How to Write a CV for Teaching

When you are preparing a CV for teaching field, you should remember to include the information which the administrators are seeking. Make your CV catch the attention of employers, when they are leafing through hundreds of applications. Your CV should contain information that is specific to the field, in order to get noticed by them. Here are a few tips on how to write a CV for teaching position.


  • In the personal statement, write about your objective and why you want to work in the teaching field. It should be an honest description of your skills and qualities.
  • Write what is the importance of education in your personal view and specify what are the teaching methods you follow and what are they modeled after.
  • List the details of your education, starting with the most recent attended school or university. If your institution is noted for any educational event or your field of certification, you should specify them as well.  Specify any awards or distinctions obtained in your academics.
  • Create a “Work Experience” section and mention about your previous roles in this field, as a teacher or an assistant teacher or as an advisory. Each job role should list the responsibilities, employment dates and a specification of any events, recognitions or awards you received in your previous posts.
  • Specify any major achievements, along with the description of your accomplishments, how they were realized and their importance, in a separate list. You can include about perfect attendance commendation, competitions won, presentations made or about any accomplishments outside of school.
  • Format the CV so that, it matches with your personality. You can find many templates on the internet, which offer various formats for CVs. Select the one that best suits your requirement.

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