How to write a CV which will get an interview for sure?

Any recruiter is in a lot of pressure to fill up the available vacancy as soon as possible so that he can get back to day-to-day work. Hence we can say that we are in better position of power than the employer.

Before writing your resume, it is important to consider the main influences on the interviewer.

They are:

  1. Your experience with the past employers and other life situations including your student life and more. This is important for him to understand your capability to grasp and tackle things accordingly. It also helps him understand how you would fare in situations of discomfort and chaos.
  2. Your personality is highly important in evaluating your fit in the potential organization. Different teams and companies might have the requirements of different types of personalities in order to create the best fit for their requirement. Some might need an aggressive personality, while some might just need a team player depending on what the profile of the available vacancy is.
  3. Your background and references are highly critical in making or breaking your interview call. Most employers speak to your ex colleagues to figure out your dynamics within the past organization and hence its impact on the future organization. Hence references are highly critical.

Giving due importance in understanding the above points will get you a sure shot interview call.


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