How to write a CV?

Your CV is a showcase of your past and a gaze into your future. Your present is when you have to showcase what makes you ideal for the job opening that you are applying for. However, in this article I would like to cover some of the basics of CV writing.

Here are few of the essentials while writing your CV:


It covers your future growth plans, the kind of job profile that you are looking for, your willingness and enthusiasm to contribute to the company’s growth.


This is a must while writing a CV for any of the job openings. Education determines your basic knowledge in the field of work that you are applying for. Recruiters utilize the education information to shortlist candidates on the basis of their educational performance.

Work experience:

It is important to precisely and accurately mention about all the work experience that you have till the date of writing the CV. This is essential for the recruiter to judge if your experience fits in the available job profile or would you need some training before getting on the job.

Extracurricular activities and hobbies:

This section of your CV helps the recruiter to judge your personality and guage whether you will fit in the company environment and the people around you in your workplace. This is highly essential if you are applying for a position of a team worker.

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