How to write a fresher CV?

If you are fresher, just out of campus and are all set to write the first CV of your life, here are some of the tips that can come handy.

  1. Make sure to write your resume in .doc and .txt format. .doc format is required when you are submitting your resume online through a website. And .doc format is required while you are supposed to mail your resume to the potential employer. A few companies may also specify on formats, hence take note of the same.
  2. First impression is the last impression. The first page of your resume must convey all that an employer needs to know about you. Your objective, your skill set, education and extracurricular must all feature in the first page of your resume. Do not clutter the first page of your resume with information on date of birth, languages known, hobbies, age and other such stuff. If the employer is interested in your profile, he is anyways going to turn to page 2 to check out these details.
  3. Make sure you provide the right contact number and email id. Also make it a habit to provide an alternate contact details in case you might not be available at the primary contacts.  You may not want to miss out any opportunity from the potential employers.
  4. Highlight your skill set and mention how you have demonstrated it in your education as you have little to talk about in terms of work experience. Let the employer hire you based on your skill set.

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