Tips for Writing a Personal Statement for a CV

Curriculum vitae is sometimes accompanied by a personal statement. It is used for writing to a specific employer and may include a query regarding an application. The personal statement, even though not used widely in the corporate field, is often used for post-graduate related work, associations and grants and for other research or academic-related work.

The statement should not be attached to the CV, but be included as part of the cover letter and it should not be more than 500 words. Here are some helpful tips for writing a personal statement for a CV.


  • It is better to do some research about the company and the position you are applying to, before submitting the CV or the personal statement. Include some information that is specific to the employer or university, to demonstrate your interest and understanding of the job role expectations.
  • Put your best qualities forward. Grab the attention of your employer in the beginning itself with whatever that is different about you from the others. Specify any personal, academic or work related skills that you may have, which will contribute to work environment. Stick to the facts honestly, but at the same time, sell yourself.
  • Focus on the job’s position first and yourself next. A personal statement is meant to be more about you, but it is also important to demonstrate why you are best-suited for the particular position.
  • Specify why you want to work for that position and the reason for choosing that field with genuine enthusiasm. State any work experiences, related to the job position, but make sure that you do not repeat what is already present in your CV or the cover letter.
  • Tell about the long-term goals that you have, regarding your field, but avoid stating unrealistic, lofty ideals.
  • Be clear and to the point. You can use vocabulary related to the position, but you should avoid using technical jargon. Give relevant and complete answers to the questions asked, without repetition.
  • Use proper format and font style. Proofread the statement for content, accuracy and flow.

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