Top Tips for Writing a Good CV

The aim of CV is to get shortlisted for attending the interview. In this highly competitive world, getting noticed by your prospective employers can be a challenging task. What you put into your CV can have a huge impact on your career. It is essential to prepare an effective CV. Here we specify top tips for writing a good CV.


You should consider what the employers are looking for. Carefully reading job description, lets you know, what skills the company requires. You should do some research about the company before applying to it. Your career objective should be realistic and to the point.

Choose your words carefully and ensure that the objective clearly reflects what you are capable of doing. Include the job role and qualities which the organization is seeking in the objective statement.

Education and Work Experience

When you are mentioning about your job history, you should start with the most recent or the most relevant job, followed by earlier jobs. The same thing has to be followed with your qualification specification.  Include about the major awards and distinctions that you received in your college. You should also specify any rewards that you received for your work performance.

Personal Interests

Your hobbies and personal interests should be specified towards the end of your CV. This part of CV is also important, which helps in conveying about your qualities and how you fit the job role. This section should indicate good health, well-roundedness or knowledge pertaining to your objective. It also works as a conversation starter, during the interview.


References should be provided as the last section in your CV. You should provide one or two references of your last, recent employer.

Contact Details

You should provide your contact details either on top of your CV, below the heading or at the bottom as footer, as it helps the employer in finding them easily, when needed.  Include your personal mobile number, Email ID and your current residential address.

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