Writing a CV for a walk-in interview

While you are planning to appear for a walk-in interview, there are a few must follows that you must observe to sail through the entire process.

  1. Since you are going for a walk-in interview, you have not got a chance to send across the resume beforehand. Hence the first time an interviewer is going to have a look at your resume is when you present him with a hard copy of the same at the interview. However, there would be very less time that would be available to an employer to scan through your CV. Thus it is highly important that your CV be precise and yet covers all the important aspects of your work experience, education and skill set.
  2. If required hobbies and extracurricular can be best left to discussions during the interview as it remains on the choice of the interviewer whether he needs to know about your hobbies and extra- curricular activities.
  3. Also your CV carries very little importance while you are opting for a walk-in interview and hence you should devote more time in narrating the sequence of your experience, your skill sets and your education verbally in a precise manner.

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