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A creative CV sells! It catches the eye of the recruiter and expresses the message that a particular applicant may inject a ton of ideas into a company or institution. No employer would prefer an inactive employee. The current market is dynamic and job applicants need to use more than they learn in classing in impressing recruiters. Here is a sample of a creative CV

Sample Creative Resume Template

Personal Details

Vale Marvin Jackson

Date of Birth: 1975

Sex: Male

Address: 128 Wills vale, Pequannock, NJ

Cell Phone: (555) 892 7893

Home Phone: 783-932-8472


Career objective

To retire from the trade with dozens of broken ribs in my closet

Employment history

2006 – 2009: Lead actor and production designer, Bleak productions – St. Peters, NJ


  • Lead actor in model TV commercials
  • Cast supervisor
  • Assistant production manager
  • Resource allocator in the movie ‘Outcast’

2002 – 2006: Assistant production designer, Prone Cinemas – Beverly Hills, CA


  • Costume design supervisor
  • Script proofreader and approver
  • Cast supervisor


Mentored the idea behind the best selling films ‘Dusk ram’ and ‘Dusk Ram 2’

Educational qualification:

1996-2001: MBA in performing Arts, University of South California – Los Angeles, CA

  • Played ‘Dim’ in the play ‘Gone with the wind’ and was awarded the second best student actor, 1994

1993 – 1995: Advanced Diploma in scripting, Oregon College– Exeter, CA

  • Registered member of Society of California Actors

1991: High School Diploma, South Gate high School – Quinn’s, NJ

  • Active member of the student drama club


  • Scripting
  • Watching movies and plays
  • Acting
  • Reading novels

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