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Curriculum Vitae optimized for web download by prospective employers is different from any other resumes that a jobseeker may write. To start with, the format should be precise and to the point, avoid any unnecessary details, heavy and print-optimized fonts, formatting, and graphics. Besides this, a CV download must be in an either easily readable format, .doc, .PDF or web page format.

Sample Resume Download

Henry Mark

Date of Birth: March 8 1983

Sex: Male

343 Hillcrest Avenue, Parkville, TN


Home Telephone: (637) 893 2934

Mobile Telephone: (726) 783 2378

Career objective

A qualified and experienced driver seeking a truck driver position where my record of progressive expertise can be tapped to add value to a customer-centric team and self-advancement

Work History

2004 –2009: Truck driver, Straight Freighters and refrigerated transport – Leyland, NJ


  • Delivering 300 to 600 food and milk products to over 20 clients in a day
  • Picking up empty warehouse containers and transporting them to the company headquarters or to the port
  • Performing pre-post trip inspection of cargo
  • Maintaining inspection and safety of cargo
  • Performing other transport – related duties as assigned

2002 – 2003: Truck driver, Plant and marketing company – Chesterfield, NY


  • Loading, delivering and inspecting products
  • Verifying cargo, routes and delivery schedules
  • Entering and maintaining truck maintenance records at all times
  • Delivering schedules, customer queries and location notes to the company management

Qualification summary

2001: Certificate in basic motor vehicle maintenance and repair, Chester academy of Mechanics – Chesterfield

2000: High school diploma, Louisiana High School – Louisiana

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