How to make a CV effective

A CV is a mode used by employees to list their professional and personal skills, experience and achievement to attract prospective employers. While listing one’s personal details is fairly simple, the real difficulty lies in making the CV effective and attractive. How does one make a CV that is both effective and attractive is a question that all prospective employees ask themselves. The answer is to make a CV that is fairly simple, straight and logical.

While there are differing schools of thought as to what should be included in a CV, all agree that the language used should be clear and concise, reflecting clarity of thought and action. Also there is a consensus that CVs should not be very long as this would not attract the employer. Most experts also agree that the skills portrayed in the CV should match the skills required by the employer. These are perhaps the two most important aspects that need to be kept in mind while making a CV.

As regards structure of the CV, most experts claim that there is no fixed structure for making a CV. You could make a CV that lists your experience chronologically or you could make it skill or achievement based CV. While making a CV, it is important to prioritize on the needs of the company and match our skill set instead of getting bogged down by structure or format. Finally, while making a CV, it is advisable to stick to the truth and not exaggerate or make any false statements.

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