How to write a good and effective CV

A CV is a reflection of your personal and professional qualities and achievement and should be well written and presented. Employers often lack the time and patience to read through an entire CV and often just glance through it and decide. Under such circumstances, the most important question is how to write a CV that not only reflects your abilities but also attracts the employer.

A good CV is a document that is well presented and properly structured. In other words, a good and effective CV consists of short, clear and logical statements that present your professional achievements and key skills to your potential employer. It should reflect the matching of the skills required with your existing skills and your ability to achieve. It is important that when you write a CV, you should pay attention to the needs of the job advertised and tailor your CV to suit it.

Technically, there is no right or wrong method of writing a CV. However, having said that, it is important to structure your CV in such a way that it reflects your achievements chronologically. A well written CV should initially talk about your education, then the work experience along with the achievement. While writing your CV, you should also include your general abilities, like languages, computer related skills etc and also your other interests and extra curricular activities. While the first is directly related to the job at hand, the second helps determine your personality and makes your CV more appealing.

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