Sample Bangladeshi CV Format

No particular rules can guide you in writing your CV. Despite it, a CV should be prepared in such a way that it may reveal all about you in a distinct way. All the aspects of your personality along with your noteworthy achievements should be included in a noticeable way. Academic qualification and job experience should be stated in a chronological way. Your CV should display all your striking merits, talents and guts in the reader’s mind in a convincing way.

A sample Bangladeshi CV is given below for your reference. With the help of it you can make your CV effective enough to impress the reader.

Sample Bangladeshi CV Format

Javed Nazan

34, Aftab Society, Court Road,

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Cell phone number: +880 932256788

Home or office phone: +880 2 43125688

Career Objective:

Mention your objectives of joining the company. State how you will serve two purposes of building your career and increasing the name and progress of the company.

Professional Experience:

Here you have to mention the names of the companies where you have had the work experience with exact spells of time. Give all the necessary details of your job profile here.


Give all data of your degrees and certificates with the names of the universities and institutions.


Here mention all the creditable accomplishments you have earned in the course of building your career. If you are a fresher, mention how you will put in your best efforts and best talents in performing duty. This will earn you extra marks.


Write clearly the chosen activities of your leisurely hours.


Attach references if instructed.

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