South American CV

If you aspire to work in South America, know that the job seeking process is determined whether successful or unsuccessful from the point you pick a pen to write your resume. A South American curriculum vitae format and wording is no different from the internationally recognized simple format, keep your resume precise but with all the relevant information

Sample South American Resume Format

Sample South American CV

Antonio Cruz

Rua Frei Fabiano 346,

Sao Paulo, RJ

CEP: SP 04067-001 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Telephone: +55 (21) 2281-5600


I am an architect with a wide experience in design, coordinating projects from initial inception stages through design to completed construction.

Qualification Summary:

  • Proven experience with a wide variety of projects
  • Ability to perform in a fast-paced environment
  • Exceptional presentation, communication and public relations skills

Work Experience

2001 – Present: Architect, Kreisler Art and Graphix – Rio de Janeiro


  • Preparing data regarding design specifications, materials and required equipments in projects
  • Developing design concepts and making design presentations to clients and the management.
  • Making costs and schedule estimates and other elements that are involved in construction projects
  • Directing the production of construction documents, specifications and drawings
  • Organizing team and client meetings
  • Developing schedules and budgets that meet project requirements and engineering principles
  • Coordinating workloads and schedules
  • Reviewing architectural documents for any conflicts with policies and requirements
  • Conducting special projects and studies like space planning, design feasibility, structural analysis and other architectural engineering related problems

Education and training

1999: Bachelor of Science degree (Architecture) Auburn University, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro


Can be furnished upon request

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