Tips for creating that perfect CV

A CV can be termed as a self advertising tool used by employees to attract employers to get a job. Given the job market today, it is imperative that you create a CV that is perfect both in presentation and in content. Content is relatively simple and largely depends on your qualification and experience, which needless to say should match with the job at hand. Presentation, however, is another matter altogether, dealing basically with the appearance of the CV, to the word used, to the length of the CV and all inherent qualities that make the CV attractive to the person reading it.

Experts are often quoted as saying, never to make a CV too long, even if you have accomplished a lot in life. A simple straightforward CV that presents achievements and skills in clear and precise language is the best way to attract potential employers. Any CV that uses a lot of words or flowery language is aiming for the bin rather than the employer’s attention. Similarly, care should be taken to ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical ones in your CV. The flow of the CV should be logical and preferably chronological, so that your employers are given a glimpse into your professional life. Sticking to the truth is another very important CV writing tip that most experts advise, as this will ensure better prospects in the interview stage. Finally, it is important to edit a CV by reading it over many times, and preferably showing it to others, to ensure that there are no mistakes.

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