Tips for writing a Good Cover Letter

In today’s job market, a well presented CV when accompanied by a good cover letter, better your chances at being noticed and maybe even getting the job. Cover letters are the selling agents of the CV and hence should be excellent; in order to ensnare the attention of the employer and make them look at your CV. Further it is a very useful tool for identifying and concentrating on issues that are either left out from or ambiguous in the CV.

While there is no definite format for a good cover letter, it is possible to list the points that should definitely be included in it. The first aspect of consideration while drafting a cover letter is the expression of interest in the job being advertised, as many often neglect to do so.  Similarly, it is important to state the reason for your application, wherein you could definitely mention your suitability for the role and your key competencies along with the need to excel and surge ahead. Further, in case of any ambiguous detail in your CV, you could use the cover letter as an explanatory note. However, one should ensure that these explanations are precise and clear and do not increase the length of the cover letter.

Finally, a good cover letter is one that does not repeat the CV in its entirety but induces the employer to read through the CV. In addition, the cover letter as the CV should be devoid of any mistakes, spelling or grammatical, if it is to attract a potential employer, so edit it well before sending it out.


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