Types of CVS

Simply defined a CV, also known as curriculum vitae or resume, is an outline of an individual’s professional experience, educational background, skills and achievements. A CV which is mostly used as a promotional tool is crucial in any job search process. Individuals use resumes for purposes of marketing themselves to potential employers. An individual establishes his first contact with prospective employers with the help of a CV. There are different types of CVs. They include chronological, functional, electronic, skills-based, technical/scientific, law among others.

Chronological, skills-based and functional CVs are by far the most common. In a chronological resume, an individual presents their occupation history in backward chronological order. Accordingly, the employment details are listed first. Individuals include the names of previous employers as well as duties/tasks performed in different positions. The CV shows career progression and is best suited for applicants that have experience directly related to the job position.

The skills-based resume is often used in instances where an individual lacks the experience that is directly related to the position applied for, has a wealth of experience or is undergoing a career change. Unlike the chronological vitae, the skills-based CV highlights an individual’s expertise. Accordingly, when potential employers look at this CV, they are not drawn in by the period/time an individual learned the qualifications and/or obtained experience rather by the qualifications themselves. A skills-based CV is ideal for individuals with no prior employment history such as college graduates.

Functional CV is another kind of resume. This type of vitae covers an individual’s entire job history. Unlike a chronological CV which places emphasis on an individual’s job history, a functional resume focuses more on the individual’s expertise, skills and abilities. The CV best suits individuals who may have started out as freelancers or in temporary employment.

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