Writing my first CV

Writing your first CV is a memorable event, as you are entering the job market for the first time and hence it is imperative to make a good impression. While writing a CV itself is a difficult task, it is more so when it is your first. This is because, you have only your qualifications and experience gathered during your education period and the extra curricular activities as your selling point. It is therefore important to create a CV that not only highlights your educational career but also reflects the key skills gained during that period.

There is no fixed structure to be used while writing your first CV. However, generally it is vital that you chronologically list your educational qualifications along with any skills or competencies gained. Emphasis must be given to the various tasks that you accomplished during this period, highlighting all the leadership qualities exhibited during performance.

Another important aspect while writing your first CV is to list all the extra curricular activities you participated in, highlighting the skills and competencies gained from it. Mentioning your areas of interest along with activities will go a long way in enticing the employer to consider your candidature.

While writing your first CV care should be taken to present it in clear and precise terms and avoiding all spelling and grammar mistakes. It is essential that you proofread all CVs, especially when it is your first to ensure that there are no mistakes. Lastly, your first CV should be both well presented and strong in content to make a lasting impression.

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