British Petroleum Director of Operations CV

The British Petroleum or BP Director of Operations is responsible for specific areas in the various global operations of the oil and gas refining and sourcing giant based in the UK.  The BP Director of Operations oversee production, distribution and marketing of petrochemical products as well as renewable resources in solar, wind, hydrogen and biofuels in over 80 countries.  The largest division is BP America based in Houston, Texas.


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Engr. Meredith D. Paxton

Fairbanks Vill., Houston, Texas

Phone: (281) 783-2837


Career Objective

To become the Director for Operations of British Petroleum for the Americas

Professional Experience

2000 – Present:  Assistant Operations Director, British Petroleum America, Plc., Houston

  • Provide regular geographic sales performance and exception reports to headquarter management
  • Exercise autonomous jurisdiction or US operations and provide oversight to operations in the larger North American region.
  • Oversee the deployment, marketing and sales of alternate hydrogen and biofuels in the American markets
  • Negotiate with industries for supplying traditional and alternative energy products and resources
  • Maintain oversight on oil tinkering operations between its refineries and oil rigs in the Caribbean and North Atlantic regions and oversee the clean up operations in any accident resulting in oil spills and similar situations.


Skills and Qualification

  • Passed board exams to become a Professional Engineer in 1996
  • Excellent supervisory, organizational, leadership, technical and managerial skills with high tolerance for long hours and deadline work pressures
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


1996 – Present: In-house training on corporate ERP and engineering systems

1996 – 1998:  MBA, Texas State University

1992 – 1996:  BS Chemical Engineering, Boston University

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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