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A person who is specialized in drawing cartoons called as cartoonist. Most of the work of a cartoonist is humorous and is primarily intended for entertainment purpose. You can also call those people as cartoonists who create more serious political or editorial cartoons as well as those who create comic books, comic strips and graphic novels. A cartoonist should have a very strong imaginative power and creativity. Also he should be in touch of what is happening in the world.

Sample Cartoonist CV Format

Lalit Sharma

46 Airport road



Mobile No: +91 943 32 321

Telephone No: +91 22 343 2 33 4

Career Objective: To obtain the position of the cartoonist in a sophisticated publishing company.

Professional Experience:

Times of India, Hyderabad, 2006-present: working as a cartoonist and entertaining the readers by drawing cartoons related to movies and Movie stars.

Dialysis Technician Objectives:

  • To Remain up to date with the information about what is happening in the world.
  • To have Excellent drawing skills and should be unique
  • To have Strong ability to work in a team or alone by maintaining good interpersonal relationship.
  • To have Outstanding capability of creating various cartoon characters using different media and tools.
  • To have excellent sense of humor.
  • To have Strong ability to work under pressure.
  • To have Excellency in generating new ideas and put those ideas into sketches.
  • To have Great time management skill.


2002-2005: Certificate in Fine arts, Kasturiba College, Bangalore


Awarded as best employee for the year 2009 in our branch, Hyderabad


  • Reading books
  • Collecting Stamps


“Upon request”

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