Creative Designer CV

Creative Designer is a person who is responsible for designing collateral designs and photo shoots. Here is a sample of Creative designer CV that you can make use of when applying for relevant post in well reputed organization. You are free to edit and add your information to make your CV more effective and informative. You have to try and add all your skills and highlight your experiences of the past.

Sample Creative Designer CV

Samual M. Brewer
89, Beaufort Street,
Liverpool 02986

Home: 214-545-5467

Cell: 214-545-8435
Email: jmwolbert@gmail. com





To seek the position of senior creative designer in any well reputable advertising agency where all my skills and experience can be bought in use.

Summary of Qualifications


  • Designed a number of advertisements for a number of national advertisements for leading industries and firms.
  • Well efficient in type set want types of advertisements and newspaper paste-ups.
  • Capable of handling wax machines and other computer aided designing software for creating designs.





Diploma in Computers, London South Bank University




Diploma in Designing, Newcastle University



Career Experience/Job History


2010- Present

Creative design Head

Roller Media Designs


Junior Creative designer

Mastertech Solutions





  • Bagged third place advertisement award in fine arts and media arts.
  • Awarded best employee for direct marketing and advertising designs in present firm.
  • Capable of handling bigger advertising campaigns.
  • Commissioned to design cover pages for a number of leading magazines.

Professional references upon request

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