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Designer CVshould be eye-catching and unique, with a razor-sharp and professional promotion of the applicant’s style and elegance. Thejobbeing applied for is in the designing field, and therefore aDesigner CVshould be used to market the unique capabilities of the applicant in design.

The presentation of aDesigner CVis particularly important. However, this does not entail coming up with a completely unusualCV. The basic principle to note is that the applicant’s designing skills can be assessed via theCV. TheCVmust therefore be able to present the information swiftly, clearly, and in a manner that makes your skills relevant to the position on offer. A touch of color in aDesigner CVis also desirable.

Designer CV’sshould be prepared specifically for the different types ofjobsin the field. The careers in this field range fromPCB Technicians, Interior Design Engineers, GraphicandWeb DesignerstoIllustrators, CAD Technicians, and SR Piping Designers. The concept of ‘one size fits all’ must not apply asemployerslook at unique skills and capabilities in the different design fields. The content, practical skills, and work experience must be emphasized over educational achievements in aDesigner CV.

Sample Designer CV Format

Carl Jones

123 Joy Lane, Anyplace,

New York, NY 456

DOB:  10/10/76   Nationality: American

Telephone:12345 67890   Mobile: 0987 876543

To enroll in a graduate training Program in web design where my creative innovative thoughts and ideas and authentic enthusiasm would allow me to progress.

2006 – August 2009: University of XYZ

First Class Honors (2:1) Bsc. Web Design Engineering

Modules included:

Technical skills:

·Alias Maya

·Director of Dreamweaver

·Microsoft Office and Visual Studio

2002 – 2005: Bishops College, Anyplace

‘A’ Levels Computing  A

Mathematics  A

History   B

Sept 2006  Precision Ltd, ABC

-Sept 2008: Stationed in the Web Design Studio of Precision Ltd. Duties included the development of applications for clients and administrative instruments for use within the studio. This position allowed the enhancement of communication skills and tested the ability to put the skills learned at classroom level into practical situations

Jan 2005 Razor Tech. Services

– August 2006 Duties included responding to employees’ technical problems, rewiring and network cabling in the new company offices, designing and maintaining the company’s website. This position enabled the enhancement of interpersonal and technical skills.


Mr. Better Bestman

Department of Web

ABC University

Contact: 0123 456 789

Mr. Worse Worstman

Design  Senior Designer

Precision Ltd

Contact: 0987 654 321

Warren Christopher

Senior Consultant

Spectrum Networks

Contact: 0234 455634

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