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Fashion designer CVs are highly crucial and sensitive documents. The fashion design industry is highly competitive. Securing a job in this industry requires that your CV stand out of the many CVs that employers and recruiters receive daily. Your CV should reflect creativity and innovation regardless of the position for which you are applying.

The fashion industry is highly dynamic and employers will be looking for a person who can adapt to different situations at a moments notice. This should be reflected in your CV by including past experiences or achievements that show that you adapt easily to new situations e.g. working in a magazine company or overcoming a crisis. Here is a sample CV for fashion designers.

Sample Fashion Designer CV

Eric Blacksmith

42 Park View Terrace

Marshall, Minnesota

Telephone No: 234 5456 354

Mobile No: 123 435 232


Career Objective:

Experienced fashion designer seeking a position as a wardrobe designer in a film production house. The position should include the opportunity for growth as a designer and manager. Willing to apply skills in creative fashion design and knowledge in fashion history.

Educational Background:

BA in Fashion and Interior Design-Minnesota State University- 1998 – 2002

Professional Experience:

2002 – To date: Fashion Designer and Manager of Blacksmith Fashion House


    • Designing clothes for young women
    • Overseeing the designing of a new line of clothes
    • Employing and training new fashion designers
    • Planning and organizing fashion exhibitions and other promotional events
    • Overseeing the purchase of fabric and other material and equipment required for the production of designs

1997 – 2002: Fashion Designer at Wilhelmina Fashion House


    • Designed clothes for young women, teenagers and children
    • Assisted lead designers in the preparation of new clothing lines
    • Studied and made improvements on clothes previously released by the fashion house
    • Researched the fashion market and helped in making the decisions as to the route of fashion the fashion house would take for the upcoming season
    • Sought the audience of reporters from fashion magazines so that they may include a review of the fashion house’s line for the season


    • Started and successfully managed a personal fashion house
    • Head designer in three summer exhibitions by the Wilhelmina Fashion House
    • Won the prestigious Fashion Designer of the year award defeating over 1000 other designers
    • Saw the profitability of Wilhelmina Fashion House rise by over 60% within a period of 6 months.


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