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Graphic designer CVs are as diverse as the people who seek employment in the industry of graphic design. Securing a job as a graphic designer does not always mean that you have a formal qualification in graphic design. You may be qualified in fine arts but fail to impress the employer with your CV.

A graphic design CV should reflect the skills of the designer. The layout of your CV is therefore very important. Be creative but keep your CV still looking professional. It is also important for you to demonstrate practical experience as a graphic designer or in something related to graphic design. 

Sample Graphic Designer CV

Millicent Alison Altar,

23 Alison Drive,

Atlanta, Georgia

Telephone No: 234 2343 23

Mobile No: 334 54 343

Email Address: 

Career Objective:   

Creative, innovative and imaginative graphic designer seeking position in a printing company that is dynamic. The position should offer the opportunity for growth within the company and advancement as a graphic designer. The position should also allow the application skills in creative and innovative approaches to graphic design gained over the 5 years of professional experience in the field.   

Educational Background:   

Diploma in Graphic Design  Georgia Polytechnic    2004 – 2006  

BA in Fine Arts    Atlanta University  2000 – 2004   

Professional Experience:   

2007 – 2008: Senior Graphic Designer at Logic Incorporated      


    • Head of design team
    • Distributed and supervised design projects
    • Organized design teams for different projects by assigning the designers with the skills required for the specific tasks to the appropriate design teams
    • Ensured that design teams met their deadlines and produced high quality work
    • Oversaw the acquiring of the appropriate materials for the completion of different design projects
    • Sought and maintained clients

2006 – Jan 2007 Graphic Designer at Illogic Designs        


    • Completion of design projects as handed to the assigned design team
    • Preparation of design project proposals for presentation to clients
    • Presentation of design project proposals to both new and old clients


    • Head of design team at Illogical Designs for two years
    • Part of the editorial team of the Fine Arts Editorial at Georgia polytechnic
    • Head of the Design team of the Atlanta Mist Campus Magazine for two years at Atlanta University
    • Holder of the Atlanta scholarship for fine arts undergraduate students for four years
    • Participated in intramural sports and was the head of the Ki Alpha sorority sports team in the university games

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