Kitchen Designer CV

Kitchen designing is a specialised segment of interior designing. A kitchen designer is an individual who designs and models the heart of every house- a kitchen. In order to get this position a candidate must present his/her skills, experience and qualifications in an impressive manner to the prospective employer and this can be done with the help of CV. Those in need can take assistance from the sample given below.

Sample Kitchen Designer CV

Ms. Ella Jane Tulip

35, Ricker Road, Heston Avenue, Pennsylvania, USA


Educational Qualifications

  • 2006 Completed High School Diploma, Barton West High School, Pennsylvania, USA
  • 2007- 2010 Bachelor in Interior Designing, South Harmon Institute of Designing, Chicago, USA
  • 2010- 2011 Master in Kitchen Designing, Halo School, New York University, NY, USA

Professional Experience

  • 2008- 2010 Trained at the Gibson Interior Designs Pvt. Ltd., Chicago, USA. (Learned about the business, industry, the operations and project management procedures)
  • 2011- 2013 Assistant Kitchen Designer, Carton Designs Pvt. Ltd., New York, USA (Assisted in many large scale projects, also managed individuals projects heading a team of 8- 10 individuals. Gained expertise in the segment and developed my own skills/ talents and thus the ability to perform as a designer in my own right.)

Skills/Qualities Requirements

  • Excellent communication skills, verbal as well as written.
  • A highly creative mind and an innovative vision.
  • In- depth and complete knowledge of the materials and accessories used in the construction/ designing purposes.
  • Always updated with the latest trends, styles and patterns.
  • Very good analytical skills and observation powers, with also an eye for detailing as required by the job.
  • Knowledge of the basic computer programs used in designing and design management.


Mrs. Vicky Mona
Senior Designer
Carton Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Contact No.: 4573686573

Mr. Vane Carson
Hillbilly Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Contact No.: 432653725

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