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The job of a product designer is extremely interesting and challenging. it is on his designs the future of a company depends .not only it requires a lot of creativity , but candidates applying for such a post should have extensive knowledge and good understanding of consumer demands.

Product designers are extremely wanted in all sort of industries, be it technology, engineering, manufacturing, security etc. A product designers CV can be really helpful for product designers, product engineers, graduate product designer, product developers etc.

Sample Product Designer CV Format

Gregor Samsa

Down Street, 12th Lane



Mobile No: +393 54 22251

Telephone No: +345 40 1234

Career Objective: My objective is to interweave technology with the society, thereby creating products which will be milestones in the history of civilization.

Professional Experience: Cesaroni Design Associates, Inc 2004- 2008: I was responsible for assisting my senior designer in evaluating the designs for the customers .Latter on I also responsible for designing a coordinating individually a set of projects for the company

Product Designer’s objectives:

  • Managed the development of project and wrote guidelines for its implementation
  • Initiated alternative process that enhanced the flexibility among workers
  • Was responsible for the ob=overall quality and delivery of the project
  • Provided alternative engineering designs to clients and customers


1998-2002: Mechanical Engineering from Swansea University

2002-2004: Business management from Bedford University


Received the award of special achievement from the society of Product designers. Was also awarded the best employee of the year award in the year 2008


  • Singing
  • traveling
  • gardening


“Upon request”

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