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A production designer is also known as an art director and is responsible for designing the sets of a play, stage program, films or a television program. They can also be said to be the designer of the visual theme keeping in mind the concept or the theme of the production for which they are designing. They usually do their work after analyzing the script and keeping in mind the budget of the production.

A production designer must have excellent designing skills and also the ability to handle a team of members that include painters, carpenters, laborers and assistant designers. A well drafted resume plays a very important role in order to work in this job position as it helps the candidate to showcase his qualifications, experience and skill sets in an effective manner. A sample of production designer CV is given below for reference.

Sample Production Designer CV

Name: Mike Tyson

Date of birth: 8th of May 1981

Profile summary:

An individual with three years of work experience in the field and television industry and five years in the theatre and stage industry with excellent knowledge in designing.   I have worked for prestigious film projects and popular theatre shows.

Educational qualifications:

  • Post graduation degree in production designing  from New York Film School in the year 2005
  • Bachelors in Design and Fine Arts from North Dakota School of Arts in the year 2003

Work experience:

Project name: Gangs of Las Vegas

Project type: feature film

Designation: production designer

Job functions:

  • Understanding the theme and story of the film
  • Sitting with the scriptwriter understanding the requirement of the film
  • Appointing a team for the art direction department
  • Ordering the materials required for building the sets
  • Ensuring that the sets are built properly as per the theme

Project name: Cats Dance

Project type: musical play

Designation: production designer

  • Understanding the nuances of the play
  • Designing 3d model of the stage
  • Designing the stage as per the requirement of every scene

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