Senior Web Designer CV

A senior web designer is the senior most web designing executive in a company who has experience and high level expertise in delivering web designs and developing web based applications and models. A senior web designer is basically responsible for developing and implementing the coding of a website. Any person who is interested in applying for this position in a company must frame a senior web designer CV which specifies his/her qualifications, skills and experience.

Curriculum Vitae

Paul Newton                                                                   

Address: East St. James street, 345 flat, London

Mobile phone number: 490248322


Current employment status: unemployed

Career Objective

A richly experienced and highly skilled individual looking for the post of a senior web designer in a company which will present me with an opportunity to showcase my qualifications and my knowledge in the field of web designing. 

Key Skills

  • Excellent web designing skills and leadership qualities.
  • Rich experience of working with teams of designers and highly focused.
  • Good communication skills and technical abilities.
  • Software programming and graphic related skills.
  • Adaptable and can quickly pick up new techniques.

Educational Background

  • 2001: high school education completed from St.Mary’s School, London
  • 2004: Bachelor’s degree in software programming from Birmingham University, Birmingham.
  • 2006: completed 2 diploma courses in Programming and advanced web designing from London.

Professional Experience

  • 2006-present: worked as a web designer at Henry and James Solutions, Liverpool.

Tasks Handled and Duties Performed

  • Designing of websites, coding of websites, implementation of codes etc.
  • Troubleshooting website related issues and errors.
  • Assisting senior web designers on various tasks.
  • Uploading site onto server, registering site on different search engines.
  • Identifying technical problems.

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