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A visual designer is an individual who works in the field of multimedia and is responsible for designing computer graphics that can be used in magazines, advertisements and websites. Besides designing, these candidates may have to sometimes liaise with the clients in order to understand their requirements and the budget. They have to develop concepts and prepare layouts of a design keeping in mind the requirement of the client.

A visual designer should possess good creative as well as technical skills as they have to work with designing software.  They should also be ready to work extra hours depending on the deadline of a project. Resume of a person who wishes to work in this position must be drafted in such a manner so that it showcases the skills and the qualifications in an effective manner.

 Sample Visual Designer CV

Personal details

Name: Nick Carter

Address: 56 Hill Side Road. In City, Las Vegas 8765

Residential telephone number: 678906

Mobile phone number: 34678

Date of birth: 23rd of June 1982

Marital status: Single
Gender: Male


To make a career as a visual designer in a reputed multimedia firm or an advertising agency and use knowledge in various designing software to deliver to the needs of the clients.

Educational qualification:

  • Bachelor’s of science in Graphic designing from New York University in the year 2004
  • Certificate course in animation and multimedia

Work experience:

Working currently in the position of a visual designer in Arena Designing Limited since June 2010. My job responsibilities are as follows:

  • Meeting with the clients and understanding their requirement and budget
  • Conceptualizing the designs as per the project requirement
  •  Overseeing the designing work done by group of graphic designers
  • Reviewing the final layouts
  • Ensuring that the materials are printed in high quality

Worked as a graphic designer with Creative Agency from April 2006 till May 2010. My job responsibilities were designing the projects assigned to the company and ensuring that a certain design is completed within deadline.

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