Assistant Arts Director CV

Primary responsibility of Assistant arts director is to assist the arts director. Arts director may be working on more than one project and hence the need for assistant arts directors to look after a project and see that it goes as per schedule when arts director is concentrating on other projects. The role and responsibilities of assistant arts director is similar to arts directors, but they take their instructions on everything from arts directors.

Assistant Arts Director CV is helpful for all people who want to work in film line or advertising agencies as assistant arts director.

Assistant Arts Director CV Format

Joseph Baker

3649, Queens Street



The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 994 45 35 68 7

Telephone Number: + 1 260 432 4979

Career Objective: I am looking for the job as a mechanic in automobile repair centers or garages.

Professional Experience:

2008 – 2009: ABC Film Productions, Kansas

I have worked with ABC film productions as assistant art director. I was responsible for taking instructions from the arts director and executing the project. I had the responsibility to oversee the complete project as per arts directors directions.

2007 – 2008: XYZ Advertisement Company, Kansas

I have worked as Assistant arts director with XYZ advertisement company, Kansas. My job involved organizing and managing the project resources, finalizing the models, fixing the locations etc.


2001 – 2003: Bachelor of Arts (Intermedia), University of Kansas

2004 – 2005: Masters of Engineering (Automotive Engineering) Arizona State University


I have worked with the great art director.


  • Movies
  • Reading


I will provide references on request.

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