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A business development director plays a major role in any business organisation and is an integral part of a company. A business is thought, developed, initiated, progressed and finalised with the instructions and directions of a business development director. A person who wishes to seek the position of a business development director should possess a graded professional background with skills of generating new business opportunities, handling business scheduling, solving business related queries and supervising the business development area. With the help of business development director CV, an applicant can apply for the post of a business development director.

Sample Business Development Director CV

Name: Bob Charlie

Contact Number: (908)-123-4738

Email Address:

Residential Address: Eric Street, 23 Block, Great Street, New York

Telephone Number: 5748-33

Career Objective:

Looking forward for an opportunity to be employed as a business development director at your reputed firm so that I get an opportunity to understand my client’s needs and develop and implement my business skills to formulate a new business project or venture.

Key Skills:

  • I am capable of studying, analysing and finally initiating the marketing strategies for the development of a successful business venture.
  • Skillful to direct, administer and manage the working of other team members.
  • Execute the development of business reports and draft procedures on the basis of issues and discussions that took place during a business meeting.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Attained Master’s in Business and communication degree from Business and Accounting University, London
  • Completed graduation from the University of London, attained Bachelor’s of Business Sciences degree
  • High Schooling from St. Peterson Senior Secondary School.

Working Experience:

  • Working as a business development director at Blooms Enterprises Limited. Responsible for managing the developmental processes of the business, hiring and training business staff members, etc.
  • Worked as an intern at Success Business Agency in the year 2008. Learnt and advanced my skills with the knowledge of maintaining databases related to business development, complete access to computer based entries, etc.


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