Director for Labor Relations CV

The Director for Labor Relations heads the company’s efforts to maintain a healthy and productive relationship between labor and management.  The position heads a team of labor relations officers who are tasked to promote opportunities of labor management interaction, explain HR policies and Code of Discipline, activate grievance machinery, reconcile differences, arbitrate in any dispute and attend collective bargaining negotiations.

Director for Labor Relations CV Format

Atty. Charles V. Turnbull

Jersey Vill., Houston, Texas

Phone: (281) 244-7867

Career Objective

To work as a Director for Labor Relations in a service or manufacturing company


Professional Experience


1999 – Present: Director – Labor Relations, Wal-Mart, TX

  • Implement approved Code of Discipline, grievance procedures, and approved programs for labor management interaction.
  • Coordinate the creation of management tem in negotiating with labor unions
  • Assist the legal department in developing the collection bargaining positions of the company
  • Over see the resolution of employee grievances against management
  • Implement state and federal laws in labor management relations.
  • Work with legal department in defending the company against litigations brought by dismissed employees.


Skills and Qualification

  • Passed the bar for practice in the state of Texas
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent social, interpersonal, diplomatic and negotiation skills to deal with employees across all levels and departments.



Received commendations in successful negotiations with labor for the collective bargaining agreement of the years 2003 and 2006


1999 – 2001:  MBA, Coventry University, West Midlands

1995 – 1999:  Bachelor of Laws, Boston University

1991 – 1995:  BS in Public Administration, Boston University

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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