Financial Director CV

A financial director of any company works for the financial department, directing the working of other employees, monitoring cash flow statements, maintaining accounting registers, preparing and formatting financial records and other related field of work. A person applying for the job post of a financial director should be proficient to manage budgets, forecast the possibility of financial crises and supervise the overall financial department. A candidate can apply for the job post of a financial director with the help of a CV document that is called as a financial director CV.

Sample Financial Director CV

Name: Harry Dickens

Residential Address: Cubic Street, 132-Main Park Building, Buckingham, UK

Mobile Number: 3838383

Telephone Number: (030)-393-070

Email Address:

Languages Known: English, French and German

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Strategic planning
  • Competitor analysis
  • Overseeing budget ratios and analysing profit outcomes.
  • Preparing financial accounting statements.
  • Developing financial models.

Educational Portfolio:

Name of the Institute Degree or Course Attained Year of Completion Main Subjects Studied
College of Financial Studies, Buckingham Bachelor’s of Science in Finance 2003 Accounts, finance, maths
College of Financial Studies, Buckingham Master’s of Science in Finance 2000 Finance, Maths, Business studies
Dreams Senior Secondary school High Schooling 1995 English, French, commerce

Professional Experiences:

1) Worked as a financial advisor at Youth Financial Co. from 2004 to 2006.

Main duties were to advice and instruct the employees and other members of the financial department for their proper functioning. Held responsible to oversee the cash flow statements, back account statements, clients accounts etc.

2) Worked as a chief financial executive at Great Enterprises from 2007 to 2008.

Held responsible to execute the daily operations within the financial department of my company. Was awarded for my performances and skills to instruct and perform financial activates, overseeing working the development of financial models etc.

3) Currently working at Troy Enterprises Limited at the job post of a financial director.

Responsible to direct and monitor the overall financial department, including duties such as preparing financial reports, communication with financial companies etc.


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