Non Executive Director CV

Non executive director is a person who is not directly associated with the company or organization. He is outside the board of directors and is not affiliated to the company or a member of it. The non executive director oversees the performance of the company; the non executive director makes strategic plans and policies and supervises their implementation.

Sample Non Executive Director CV

Ford Clarke

Palace Road

England – 8674

Phone: 55-322-78


Career Objective:

I am an experienced professional looking for a good job position where I can develop my skills and increase my work experience. I possess excellent communication and presentation skills. I have good organizational and leadership capabilities which will enable me to work more efficiently.

Professional Experience:

2006-Present: Indlinan Co.

  • Selected and recruited new senior management personnel.
  • Supervised implementation of plans and policies as directed by the directors’ board.
  • Supervised and directed meetings between directors and other companies head.
  • Directed relations between employees and clients as well as supervision of employees’ accounts.
  • Scheduled events of the company set up as advantage offers or regular preparations.
  • Strengthen communications between clients and stake holders.
  • Responsible for decision analysis of the company.
  • Contributed to strategic planning and decision making policies.
  • Evaluated financial systems and risk management controls as well as updated financial information.
  • Made conformation calls of attendees of the meetings held.

Educational Qualification:

2001-2004: BA in Economics, Francis College.

2004-2006: MA in Economics, University.




Professional reference will be added upon request.

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