Operational Director CV

Operations director control the business operations and promote their effective running and maintenance of the operations. The operations director supervises the input of resources and the output of products from the company. He monitors the production of goods and services and ensures that they are efficient for use by the consumers. He is related to managing the business that converts inputs to outputs. He supervises the managers as well as the employees related to the operations handling field.

Sample Operations Director CV

Richard Clayton

Ford Road

France – 8574

Phone: 54-5674-32

Email: richard55@ycmail.com

Career Objective:

I am an experienced professional seeking for a good position as an operations director where I can develop my skills and work better for the profit of the company. I have good managerial skills and effective knowledge of the business operations.

Professional Experience:

2007-Present: LJG Industries

  • Directed research programs for the development of production process.
  • Responsible for managing HR infrastructure and other organizational staff
  • Helped in creating organizational and program budgets.
  • Provided effective leadership workforce for the company financial excisions.
  • Improved the operational systems, policies and plans for effective running of the company.
  • Managed and promoted the effectiveness and efficiency of the various support systems.
  • Oversaw all financial planning, management and policies.
  • Managed the annual budgets created reports of the company business operations.
  • Developed budgets and accounts of the company.
  • Developed strategic planning for the development of the working operations.

Educational Qualifications:

2002-2005: Bachelors in Business Administration, School of Commerce Studies.

2005-2007: Masters in Business Operations, School of Commerce Studies.





Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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