Procurement Director CV

A procurement director is a person who is a responsible member of the company, appointed for the purpose of developing and formulating various policies for the company, giving suggestions and advices related to the purchasing decisions and negotiating on various discussions. A person with sharp vision and other needed skills can apply for the job post of a procurement director. To apply for such a job post, an applicant may seek the help of the CV document that is called as a procurement director CV.

Sample Procurement Director CV

Name: Marley Charles

Residential Address: B-10, Florida Street, London

Mobile Number: 039-2929-29

Telephone Number: (030)-27-282

Email Address:

Languages Known: English, French and German


With my year long experience of being in a profession of a procurement director, I look forward to work with your firm so that I can exercise my analytical skills and organisational abilities in a best possible way.


1) Attained Bachelor’s of business and communication degree from the University of Massachusetts.

2) Completed post graduation studies from the College of Accounting, Buckingham and attained Master’s of Accounting Degree.

3) Pursued high schooling from St. Genius High School.


1) Worked at the post of a procurement advisor at Globe Enterprises Limited for 2 years.

Duties and Skills:

a) Held responsible for analysing the loop holes in a business and giving necessary advices and suggestions for the future improvement.

b) Laid assistant in preparation and formulation of company’s policies and procedures.

2) Worked at the post of a procurement director at Jack and Jones Company for 4 years.

Duties and Skills:

a) Held responsible for responding and formatting the claims regarding company’s laws.

b) With the strategic approach, undertook the duty of defining series of policies and procedures of the company.

c) Worked as an intermediate to communicate with the suppliers and buyers.


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