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The Recruitment Director heads a team of recruitment officers or specialists tasked with the sourcing, screening, processing and placement of qualified applicants to fill the company’s job vacancies.  They develop the screening procedures, coordinate with job hunters locally and overseas to augment their recruitment prowess as well as endorse their shortlisted candidates for final selection adjudication by requesting office or departments in the company.

Recruitment Director CV Format

Stella G. Krammer

S. Griffin St., Dallas, Texas

Phone: (214) 688-9224



Career Objective

To work as a Recruitment Director for a large transportation or retail company

Professional Experience

2000 – Present:  Recruitment Director, American Airlines

  • Assist the HR Head in finalizing and formalizing job descriptions of all positions in the company as basis of advertising job vacancies.
  • Provide regular reports on actual manpower levels, workforce movements and employee turnover rates
  • Identify and search job markets for corporate positions and prepare for their vacancies
  • Coordinate with local and overseas headhunters for gathering and screening job applicants
  • Implement approved HR and recruitment policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all required application support documents are complete and government requirements for Tax account and Social Security numbers are in order.


Skills and Qualification

  • Excellent organizational, supervisory, leadership and managerial skills with high tolerance for working long hours and under pressure
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


2000 – Present: In-house seminars on retail management, supply chain management and corporate marketing policies and procedures

2000 – 2001:  MBA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus

1997 – 2000:  BA General Management, University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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