Regional Sales Director CV

Regional sales director is a person who belongs to the regional sales department of any company. As a regional sales director he is responsible for accomplishing the regional sales by hiring, training, analysing and reporting the working of employees of different regions, planning and monitoring the sales ratios in difference districts and coordinating the functioning of sales offices at different areas. To apply for the job post of being a professional regional sales director a candidate is required to have a strong CV. Such a CV document is usually referred as regional sales director CV.

Sample Regional Sales Director CV

Personal Details:

Peterson Williams

123-Main Park Street

Red Square Building


Mobile Number : 012-98738202

Telephone Number : 032-4838999

Email Address:

Career Objective:

Writing to seek a challenging position of being a regional sales director at a reputed organisation like yours so that I can achieve the regional sales targets and objectives of my organisation and prepare and complete the sales plans for the success of my company.

Educational Background:

  • 2006 : Masters in Sales and Finance, University of Illinois
  • 2000-2003 – Bachelors of science in sales and finance, University of Illinois
  • High Schooling from St. Francis Senior Secondary School

Professional Working Experiences:

  • Worked as a sales executive at Dreams Sales Agency for 9 months in 2008.

Duties and responsibilities were as follows:

  • Responsible for laying out sales plans and procedures.
  • Carrying out communicational links and building contacts across different regions to promote sales.
  • Executing and analysing the working of other team members
  • Worked as a regional sales director for 3 years at Glories Sales Company from 2009 to 2012.

Duties and responsibilities were as follows:

  • Effectively met regional sales targets and objectives of my company.
  • Focused on efficient working of my sales team by analysing the marketing techniques and laying out sales plans.
  • Responsible to execute daily cycling of sales management department and workings of the employees.


  • Graduated with meritorious results and a GPA of 9.2 points.
  • Awarded as “employee of the month” for consecutively 3 months during my employment at Dreams Sales Agency.


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