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The Software Company Director provides the commercial and technical leadership to a team of computer software designers and developers, system analysts and architects, sales engineers and implementation project managers in marketing the company’s software solutions to companies.   He or she implements the approved polices and procedures to ensure that its computer software products comply with a high level of performance standards with which its marketing strategies can be anchored to promise high value solutions to clients.


Software Company Director CV Format


Judith E. Baines

Young St., Dallas, Texas

Phone: (214) 688-9224


Career Objective

To work as a Software Director for a large transportation or retail company

Professional Experience

2000 – Present:  Software Director, Cognoscenti Solutions, TX

  • Assist the President and CEO in the promulgation of board approved corporate policies in commercial, marketing and engineering operations.
  • Work with marketing in the development of quasi-socialized tariffs for large corporations and SMEs to ensure the widest possible markets for its solutions.
  • Coordinate with existing clients for continuing support and feedback to update best-of-breed practices for enhancing its product offerings.
  • Conduct and administer regular user workers and meetings
  • Develop customer relationship programs to help clients enhance the relevant modules
  • Ensure that marketing and systems development staff perform their duties and responsibilities as expected of them.


Skills and Qualification

  • Passed board exams to become a Professional Engineer in 2000
  • Excellent supervisory, organizational, leadership, technical and managerial skills with high tolerance for long hours and deadline work pressures
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


2000 – Present: In-house seminars on ERP systems, solutions marketing, people management and negotiation skills.

2000 – 2001:  MBA, Texas State University

1997 – 2000:  BS Computer Engineering, UCLA

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request.



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