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Tax director is the field where individual is engaged in managing the tax related issues of an individual or an organization. He is a licensed professional engaged and authorized to calculate tax returns and handle them effectively in place of the person. . The tax director should be an alert individual to bring to notice any changes in the tax issues or the schedules of payment of tax by the individual or the company.

The tax director is required having high knowledge base and experience in handling tax returns and accounts of the clients. The tax director is required to have good communicative skills to deal with clients effectively.

Tax Director CV Example

Francis Bay

5-32, Ford Road

Luxemburg -96533


Phone: 54-395-32

Career Objective:

I possess efficient financial knowledge regarding finance and issues related to tax. I prove efficient in rendering my services to my clients in a refined way. I am seeking for a good post in this field where I can develop my skills more well and also for the benefit of the organization. I proved effective in collection of tax returns for the clients and have a sound knowledge in analytical fields.

Professional Qualifications:

2005-2008: ABC Financial Corp, Tax Director.

  • Assisted clients in tax related queries and informed about investment strategies and plans
  • Extended services to other fields of tax issues as well.

2008-2010: Gary Textile Company, Tax Director

  • Managed tax accounts and tax paying issues of the company.
  • Carried out research work for maintaining regular payment of taxes and handled legal issues of the company.

Educational Qualifications:

2003-2005: Diploma in Account Management and Database Management, Ford    Commerce College.

2000-2003: B.Com, Management Policies, Ford Commerce College.




Professional reference will be available on request.

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