Television Director CV

A television director is a person who directs the working and activities that takes place in making a television series. They are the lead persons in making of a television show and bringing it to the people. He decides the actors and characters as well as the story or concept of the television show.

Sample Television Director CV

Richard Clayton

Francis Road

Ireland – 8573

Phone: 43-667-87


Career Objective:

I am an experienced professional having good analyzing and directional skills looking for a good opportunity to develop my skills and work experience. I have good communication skills and managing skills.

Professional Experience:

Worked as a director for the television series Day Base for two years:

  • Supervised cameras, lighting and shot sequence background.
  • Directed and gave ideas to the actors about the story sequence of the day.
  • Provided direction for studio recordings and managing.
  • Provided guidance to the technical editors and sequence makers.
  • Arranged venues and permits for outgoing locations for shooting.
  • Read scripts to the actors and cast and explained the design and set casting and story line.
  • Held auditions for the different characters and choose characters for the roles.
  • Supervised rehearsals and made regular changes wherever necessary.
  • Communicated with the new employees and supervised their work.

Educational Qualifications:

2002-2005: Bachelors in Mass communication, College of Mass Com Studies.

2005-2007: Masters in Mass Com, College of Mass Communication Studies.




Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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