Theatre Director CV

A theatre director is an integral part of the theatre industry dealing with creative interpretation and direction of the script, musical chores, characters and dramatic tools. As a theatre director, a person should have leadership qualities to direct other members, crew staff and the supporting characters to bring out a successful theatrical performance. With the creative mind, comprehensive approach and audience targeted motto, an applicant can apply for the job post of a theatre director with the help of a document that is called as theatre director CV.

Sample Theatre Director CV


Personal Details and Information:

Fred Davidson

32 Jade Street, Red Square Building

Nottingham, UK

Mobile Number : 28282-82

Telephone Number: (030)-393-2939


Areas of Expertise:

  • Script formatting
  • Interviewing and choosing the right characters and candidates for the performance
  • Stage designing, pre-production rehearsals and final performances success

Career Objective:

With 7 years of experience as a member of the theatre industry, I look forward for an opportunity to work as a theatre director at your renowned studio so that I get a platform to exercise my theatrical skills and creative proficiencies in the best possible way.

Educational Profile:

  • Attained my high school degree from Creative School of Drama in the year 1996
  • Successfully completed my graduation with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media and Theatre production from the International Dramatics College, New York
  • Acquired Diploma in 3D screening, graphic designing and stage setting in the year 2009.

Professionalism and Working Experiences:

1) 2009 to Present

Working as a theatre director at Joyous Theatre Productions.

Responsible for conducting rehearsals, directing assistants and staff members for stage setting, dress selections, props , music chores other performance requirements.

2) 2005 to 2009

Worked as a theatre producer at Royal’s Creative Studio.

Held responsible for overseeing the performances of the lead roles, assisting directors and managers in conducting rehearsals, deciding dresses, etc.

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