Art Teacher

Mr. Noel Thorne

Dartmouth Park Road

London, NW4 1SU

Phone:  1234-567-8901


I intend to work in an educational institution that will provide challenges to my ability and skills as a teacher and as an artist and will also give challenging opportunities to my career.  I want to be able to share my artistic ability and talent to students at the same time nurturing and enhancing my own.

Summary of Qualification:

  • Highly trained and capable as an artist.
  • Exceptional communication and inter-personal skills.
  • Excellent in working with others and dealing with individuals with learing disabilities.
  • Great ability to provide creative teaching materials for classes.


Professional Experience/Career History:

  • Experience as an art teacher for elementary students in 2007.

Responsibilities:  Teaching basic elements of art to elementary students.  In my work, I fulfilled the tasks of a teacher completely including the creation of lesson plans and coursework.

  • Experience as an artist.

Responsibilities:  Created numerous paintings for a one-man show which was sponsored by the school I enrolled in.  As part of the show, I also taught several art classes for two holidays to children.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the London University in 2000.
  • Master’s degree in Education Major in Art Teaching from the London University in 2005.
  • Art training from a special program in London University in 2006.


  • Cited by the London University for exceptional artistic ability.
  • The London University noted my potential as an artistic and recommended me for one-man shows.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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