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Braille Teachers are specially trained to teach blind students with the means to enable them to reach by touch.  This is the Braille reading system which often required a lot of patience and skill in teaching blind people of any age.  They are categorized as special education teachers who not only handle the teaching of Braille but also in conducing regular grade school and secondary classes for blind people using standard course materials in Braille.

Braille Teacher CV Format

Debra Q. West

Cambridge St., Boston, Massachusetts

Phone: (617)-045-9094

Career Objective

To work as a Braille Teacher for a grade school that offers special education for blind students

Professional Experience


2005 – Present: Braille Teacher,  freelance, Boston

  • Modify standard nursery, grade school and secondary course curriculum to allow blind student to learn Braille using the proper pedagogical methodologies.
  • Adopt Braille teaching procedures for customized person-to-person education
  • Maintain database of students and update their progress.
  • Provide feedback to parents on their kid’s status in learning Braille.

2000 – 2005:  Grade School Teacher, St. Mary’s Academy for the Special Child, AR

  • Discuss with parents to identify their kid’s special learning requirements and determine suitability of course curriculum and pedagogy and adjust as needed.
  • Provide regular assessment to parents or guardians of child’s learning progress.


Skills and Qualification

  • 10 years of experience in Braille education for blind children and adolescents
  • Excellent patience and perseverance in dealing with disabled children
  • Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills



2000 – 2001:  Braille GSCE, Remington College, Little Rock, Arkansas.

1997 – 2000: BS Psychology, Arkansas State University

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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