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A chemistry teacher CV should reflect that you have the right qualifications for the job. As competition for chemistry teaching jobs is increasing, it is necessary to demonstrate various other skills and values to the employer in the chemistry CV.

Show the employer that you are interested in young people through your previous work experience or volunteer experience. It would be an added advantage to have counseling skills or experience working as a social worker or youth coach. This is because teaching chemistry involves more than simply giving information to young people. The young people you will encounter may have other problems that you may have to address as an educator and mentor.

Sample Chemistry CV 

Sylvester Roberts

107 South-West Drive

New York, NY 12345

(045) 345 6789


A position as a Chemistry Teacher. My teaching philosophy has developed through my extensive experience as a high school chemistry teacher, a teaching assistant at Knobes University, and as analytical research supervisor at C.A.T. I always encourage high level of student participation through organization of lectures and strive for participatory classroom environment by engaging the students in active discussions. 

Summary of Qualifications 

Competent, trained, and certified high school chemistry teacher; excellent communication and interpersonal skills; ability to tutor and mentor post-high school students; good analytical and problem-solving skills; eager for immediate placement in an international high school or middle-level college. 


Chemistry Teacher, 2004 to Present 

Dexton High School, Any Where, AW 

Responsible for teaching chemistry lessons to seniors in 11th and 12th Grades. Key duties include:

  • Preparing and delivering lessons to students on topics such as organic chemistry, practical chemical separation, and analytical chemistry.
  • Maintaining and updating student attendance records, grades, and other requirements
  • Evaluating and grading students’ course work, laboratory performance, class assignments, and other papers
  • Supervising laboratory schedules, including teaching about proper use of chemicals and their dealings, danger indications, production techniques, and dumping methods.
  • Creating course-work materials such as the syllabus, class assignments, and obtaining materials and other supplies such as books and laboratory equipment 

Analytical Chemist, 2000 – 2003 

C.A.T Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Boston, BA 

Formed part of a team of analytical chemists that tested the proportions and substances for new drugs prior to their release into the market. Specific duties included:

  • Analyzing level of toxins in newly patented drugs prior to their release into the market
  • Research and Development of new analytical models in chemical composition, organization, properties, and the processes and transformations that they undergo.


M.A in Chemistry 

Forest Road University of Technology, Big Town, USA, 1998 – 2000 

Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry  

Wellington State University, 1997 – 1998 

B.S in Organic Chemistry 

North-Road University, 1993 – 1996 

Professional Affiliations 

2001 – Present: American Association of Chemists (Member)

2004 – Present: Chemistry Teachers Association (Member)

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